1. Is the Regenix Treatment a drug? Are there side effects?

Regenix hair loss treatments and hair therapy products are drug free, with no harsh chemicals which means no side effects, and no damaging chemical residue on the scalp.

2. Do I need to use Regenix forever to maintain its benefits?

Regenix is drug free, so you don't become reliant on the treatments in order to maintain your results. When you have reached your goal, you can wean off of the treatments gradually, and stay on a simple maintenance routine.

3. I am bald. Can I use Regenix?

Regenix takes existing hair and makes it healthier, thicker and stronger. If you are already bald, we cannot grow hair where there isn’t any. A hair transplant may be the answer, and Regenix helps both before and after a procedure.

4. What types of ingredients are in Regenix’s treatments and hair products?

Our ingredients are Bio-pharmaceuticals with vitamins, minerals, plant extracts and essential oils. We have hundreds of potential formulations that can be customized specifically to our clients, because no two hair loss problems are exactly alike.

5. How long will the stages take for me?

Stage 1 will take 30 days. It prepares your scalp for stage 2 which can last for 3 to 6 months depending on the severity of problems within hair follicles, and how diligent you are with the program. Time estimates are more accurately forecast after a hair microanalysis.

6. I see you also sell scalp products. Would a supply of these products work alone to help my hair loss?

Using our hair therapy products alone will do a great job of cleansing your hair and scalp without leaving any chemical residue, and are mild enough to use on a daily basis. However, if you are dealing with hair loss, you will need to utilize the entire Regenix program.

7. Is the Regenix hair loss treatment covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, insurance companies consider our treatment an elective, and do not cover our services.

8. Do you perform the hair microanalysis or send the hair samples to a lab?

All hair analysis is performed at our lab in Los Angeles by trained specialists. In fact, a trained specialist will be assigned to be there for you from day one. You will receive a full report via email including photos of your hair samples under the microscope.

9. How long will it take to get my hair report?

From the time we receive hair samples from a client, the turnaround time to process the analysis and email the results is 24-48 business hours.

In your Starter Kit, are instructions on how to send us hair samples. Please send us your samples right away so there is no time lapse in your program. We want you to be ready for Stage 2 at the end of your 30 day Starter Kit.

10. Can Regenix hair loss treatments be used while taking medications?

Although Regenix hair loss treatments can be used to eliminate scalp problems while a client is taking medications, certain medications have contra-indications regarding hair and can interfere with the positive results achieved after scalp problems have been treated. If you are using medications, you should make sure to let us know when you fill out the questionnaire provided in your Starter Kit.

11. Can Regenix treatments be used with other hair loss treatments?

Yes. We have a number of clients who participate in the Regenix program while using other options (such as minoxidil or finasteride). These drug-based products may enhance your results. If you do see results from using a drug method, please let us know if/when you wish to stop so we can assist you safely so you don’t see regression.

12. Can I use Regenix before a Hair Transplant?

Yes. Many of our clients use Regenix prior to a Hair Transplant in order to stabilize thinning and enhance the health of the scalp tissue. Also, after the procedure to help strengthen the hair in and around the transplants to achieve a more natural end result.

13. Can Regenix treatments be used during or after chemotherapy?

We generally suggest that an individual wait 6 to 9 months after chemotherapy to see if any hair loss will subside on its own. If it does not, or if hair comes in much weaker than before, then Regenix may be able to help, depending on the underlying circumstances.

14. Can you use Regenix hair loss treatments if you are pregnant or breast-feeding?

Yes. Regenix hair loss treatments are not drugs, and do not penetrate into the blood stream, so they can be used while pregnant or breast-feeding.